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Digital Destinations Telecom is a white carrier licensed in Amman Jordan on 2005 with the latest technology VoIP Business platform
Installation. Utilizing Sysmaster equipment deliver high-quality calling solutions for consumers, including small & medium enterprise and
Multinational businesses. DDT Ltd. Brings a new consumer service that aims to provide a show-case for our advanced technology and
Sophisticated service offerings by taking advantage of our DDT infrastructure we hope that our subscribers will enjoy wealth of business
opportunities and pleasant communication experiences with family, friends and associates.  

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In order to buy calling time you will need to register first. After registering you will be assigned an account and a PIN number. The PIN number can be used to place long..

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DDT phone-to-phone service offer mobile dialer, prepaid account through which you can place low rate international phone-to-phone calls. Upon opening an account with DDT you will receive an email..


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You must register in order to gain access to our services. After registering, you will be able to purchase calling time, check your account balance, view your call history..

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